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Upcoming Events

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Meet Douglas Schoen

Feb 15, 2016@2:00 PM



Author of The Nixon Effect: How Richard Nixon's Presidency Fundamentally Changed American Politics

Influential Democratic campaign consultant and Fox News contributor Douglas Schoen examines the 37th President's political legacy in his new book, The Nixon Effect.

Schoen will explore the breadth and duration of Richard Nixon's influence on American political life and argue that RN is the key political figure in postwar American politics in multiple ways, some barely acknowledged until now.

If you cannot attend, click here to order an autographed copy of The Nixon Effect.

Presidents Day Celebration 2016

Feb 15, 2016@10:00 AM


Meet Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln at the front entrance of the Nixon Library starting at 10 AM. A fascinating talk with the three presidents will follow in the magnificent White House East Room at 11:30 AM.

The first 250 visitors will enjoy a free slice of cherry pie compliments of Polly's Pies.

Please note: The museum galleries are currently undergoing a major renovation and are not open to the public. However, visitors will be able to tour Richard Nixon's original birthplace, the final resting places of President and Mrs. Nixon, the presidential helicopter, the First Lady's gardens, and the full-scale replica of the White House East Room.

Meet General Michael Hayden

Mar 01, 2016@7:00 PM


Former Director of the National Security Agency and the CIA

Author of Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror (Feb. 26)

General Michael Hayden, the only person ever to lead both CIA and NSA, will talk America's intelligence wars during a time of heinous new threats and immense change in the world.

He was on the frontline of the war on terrorism and the growing cyber challenge and a participant in some of the most telling events in American national security history. He understands the dangers, risks, and potential rewards of the political, economic, and security situations facing the nation unlike anyone else.

Tickets: $8, Members: $6

Meet Don Cogman

Mar 09, 2016@7:00 PM


Free Event Admission

Author of Run Mitch, Run: The Hard Decisions One Man Faced for the 2012 Presidential Election

In 2009, a newspaper columnist’s question prompted Mitch Daniels—perhaps the most successful Republican governor in the nation—to embark on a passionate, arduous, nearly two-year journey to make the most difficult decision of his life: whether or not to pursue the presidency of the United States.

Don V. Cogman, a corporate and governmental affairs executive, shares a story that deserves to be told—the story of what it takes to run for President of the United States, the choices a potential candidate faces, and the hard decisions a candidate must make during the process. Cogman reveals intriguing, behind-the-scene details as Daniels, with the help of eight devoted individuals, wrestled with the pros and cons of a presidential run during a unique time in America’s history.

Run Mitch, Run shares a political leader’s journey through a major, life-changing decision as he contemplates whether or not to run for President of the United States in 2012.

Meet Juan Williams

Apr 18, 2016@7:00 PM


Author of We The People: The Modern Day Figures Who Have Reshaped and Affirmed the Founding Fathers' Vision of What America Is

The Fox News star and co-host of The Five will talk his fascinating work of history about the modern day pioneers who have shaped America - including Richard Nixon.

Through a series of in depth profiles, Williams explores the life and work of a new generation of American Founders, who honor the original Founders' vision. He'll reveal how each of these modern-day leaders has extended the Founding Fathers original vision and changed fundamental aspects of our country.