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Meet Geoff Shepard

Aug 06, 2015@7:00 PM


Official launch of The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down

Geoff Shepard’s new book will challenge everything you’ve been told about the Watergate scandal.

Drawing on documents he’s uncovered at the National Archives, Shepard details over a dozen secret meetings between Watergate judges, prosecutors and other interested parties – meetings that should never have taken place and that cast new light on how the Watergate investigation was turned to partisan political advantage.

Geoff Shepard served in the Nixon White House for over five years, first as a White House Fellow and then as Associate Director of the Domestic Council. He was also a member of President Nixon’s Watergate defense team. Since 2010, he has worked with the Nixon Foundation to produce nearly three dozen Nixon Legacy Forums.

Meet Kate Andersen Brower

Aug 19, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House

The Residence offers an intimate account of the service staff of the White House, from the Kennedys to the Obamas.

America’s First Families are unknowable in many ways. No one has insight into their true character like the people who serve their meals and make their beds every day. Full of stories and details by turns dramatic, humorous, and heartwarming, The Residence reveals daily life in the White House as it is really lived through the voices of the maids, butlers, cooks, florists, doormen, engineers, and others who tend to the needs of the President and First Family.

Combining incredible first-person anecdotes from extensive interviews with scores of White House staff members—many speaking for the first time—with archival research, Kate Andersen Brower tells their story.

If you cannot attend, click here to purchase an autographed copy and we’ll ship the day after her appearance.

Meet Irv Gellman

Sep 02, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of The President and The Apprentice: Eisenhower and Nixon, 1952-1961

We think we know the history of Ike and Dick, but Dr. Irv Gellman reveals a different Eisenhower, and a different Nixon in his new book, The President and the Apprentice.

Dr. Gellman's revelatory book will debunk the myths of the Eisenhower administration and the often-misunderstood relationship between President Eisenhower and his apprentice, and successor, Richard Nixon. Irwin F. Gellman is the author of four previous books on American presidents. He is currently at work on a volume on Nixon and Kennedy.


Meet Evan Thomas

Sep 08, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of Being Nixon: A Man Divided

The New York Times bestselling author of Ike’s Bluff and Sea of Thunder brings new life to one of American history’s most infamous, paradoxical, and enigmatic politicians: Richard Nixon.

Dispensing with the myths to achieve an intimate and evenhanded look at the man himself, Evan Thomas delivers the best single-volume biography of Nixon to date, a radically different portrait of a complicated figure.

Evan Thomas is one of the most respected historians and journalists writing today. He is the bestselling author of six works of nonfiction and the former editor at large of Newsweek, where he served as the magazine's lead writer on major news events and the author of more than a hundred cover stories.

Meet VP Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney

Sep 10, 2015@7:00 PM


Authors of Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America

Vice President Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney are coming to Yorba Linda to discuss the unique and indispensable nature of American power and why the United States must lead again.

The former Vice President and his daughter, a former deputy assistant secretary of state, have teamed up to chart a path forward to restore American power and strength. They lay out a plan to fight and win the War on Terror, while reassuring our allies that they can once again rely on American leadership.

Exceptional should stand as a guiding principle for presidential candidates in 2016—and for policymakers today and beyond.

Copies of Exceptional are pre-signed by Dick and Liz Cheney and will be for sale at the Nixon Presidential Museum Store.

Meet Roham Alvandi

Sep 17, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah: The United States and Iran in the Cold War

In this groundbreaking study Roham Alvandi offers a new account of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi's relationship with the United States by examining the partnership he forged with President Nixon and Henry Kissinger in the 1970s. Based on extensive research in the British and U.S. archives, as well as a wealth of Persian-language diaries, memoirs, and oral histories, this work restores agency to the shah as an autonomous international actor and suggests that Iran evolved from a client to a partner of the United States under the Nixon Doctrine.

"Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah" offers a detailed account of the key historical episodes in the Nixon-Kissinger-Pahlavi partnership that shaped the global Cold War far beyond Iran's borders. This work of American diplomatic history, international relations, and Middle Eastern Studies provides critical historic background on Iran's ambitions for primacy in the Persian Gulf, its nuclear program, and what a US-Iran strategic partnership might look like in the future.

Meet Ray Kelly

Sep 28, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of Vigilance: My Life Serving America and Protecting Its Empire City

Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will discuss his new gripping memoir about his lifelong fight against crime and the work of his groundbreaking anti-terrorist teams following the 9/11 attacks.

After serving as a Marine in Vietnam, Ray Kelly soared through the NYPD ranks in decades marked by riots, drugs, and a staggering murder rate. With an unwavering belief in justice, integrity, courage, and loyalty, Kelly developed a reputation as a fixer who could clean up troubled precincts. Those values catapulted him into his first stint as commissioner, where Kelly oversaw the police response to the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.

Following leadership positions at Interpol, the Treasury Department, and U.S. Customs, Kelly was again appointed police commissioner in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Realizing that New York's security meant national security, Kelly transformed the NYPD into a counter-terrorism force.

Meet Peter Wallison

Sep 29, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again

The 2008 financial crisis was a major event, equivalent in its initial scope – if not its duration – to the Great Depression of the 1930s. What caused it will be debated for years. Conventional wisdom claims that the crisis was caused by Wall Street greed and insufficient regulation of the financial system. Thus, the most comprehensive financial-system regulation since the New Deal – the Dodd-Frank Act – was enacted. Peter J. Wallison, however, offers a compelling, competing narrative that contends the crisis was actually caused by government housing polices and that in reality the Dodd-Frank Act has only served to slow the recovery from the recession.

Peter J. Wallison is the Arthur F. Burns Chair in Financial Policy Studies and is co-director of AEI's program on Financial Policy Studies and former White House counsel under President Reagan.


Meet Niall Ferguson

Oct 06, 2015@7:00 PM


Author of Kissinger: Volume I: The Idealist, 1923-1968

Acclaimed historian and New York Times best selling author Niall Ferguson examines the first half of Henry Kissinger's extraordinary life in this definitive biography, based on unprecedented access to his private papers.

In this first of two volumes, Ferguson shows that what Kissinger achieved before his appointment as Richard Nixon’s national security adviser was astonishing in its own right.


Meet Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter

Oct 19, 2015@7:00 PM


Authors of The Nixon Tapes: 1973

When The Nixon Tapes: 1971–1972 was published in August of 2014, it jumped immediately onto the New York Times best sellers list and captivated media attention for its many revelations.

Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter’s efforts to transcribe and annotate the highlights of more than 3,700 hours of recorded conversations provided an unprecedented and fascinating window into the inner workings of a momentous presidency.

Now, with a concluding volume to cover the final year of the Nixon taping system, Brinkley and Nichter tell the rest of the story — once again with revelations on every page.

Meet Newt and Callista Gingrich

Oct 21, 2015@7:00 PM


Newt Gingrich is the author of Duplicity: A Novel

Callista Gingrich is the author of Christmas in America

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich returns to the Nixon Library to discuss the 2016 elections, the state of American poltics and his new novel Duplicity, a gripping thriller to which he brings an unparalleled understanding of Washington's corridors of power.

Callista Gingrich will be signing the latest book in her New York Times best selling series featuring Ellis the Elephant, Christmas in America.


Meet Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke

Oct 27, 2015@7:00 PM


Authors of Jack Kemp: The Bleeding-Heart Conservative Who Changed America

The definitive biography of Jack Kemp, and why his legacy matters to today’s GOP.

As today’s Republicans struggle to broaden their base and promote reform, some are reviving the legacy of Jack Kemp, one of the most important Republicans of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

Kemp approached politics the same way he played quarterback for the Bills: with a refusal to accept defeat. Yet he was also willing to compromise to get things done, and his commitment to the working class and minorities attracted voters who usually rejected the GOP. 

Drawing on never-published papers and the Kemp oral history project, noted journalists Morton Kondracke and Fred Barnes trace Kemp’s whole life, from his childhood through his pro football career to his unusually influential years as congressman and cabinet secretary. Despite many ups and downs, including failed presidential and vice presidential bids, Kemp proved that a “bleeding-heart conservative” could redefine what was possible in American politics.


Meet SSG Travis Mills

Nov 11, 2015@7:00 PM

Special Veterans Day Evening Program


Thousands have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five have survived quadruple amputee injuires.

This is one soldier's inspiring story.

On April 10, 2012, United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne was critically injured on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan by an IED (improvised explosive device) while on patrol, losing portions of both legs and both arms.

Thanks to his amazing strength, courage, an incredible will to live, the heroic actions of the men in his unit, the prayers of thousands, and all the healthcare providers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, near Washington D.C., Travis remains on the road to recovery. Every day is a battle, but Travis continues to astound friends and family alike with his progress and with his amazing spirit.